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Pools & Wellness

Outdoor Pool

Plunge into the swimming pool, let yourself be massaged by bubbling whirlpools and listen to the relaxing sounds of underwater music.

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Be good to yourself!

Whether you prefer a very classic massage (Manager Massage) or a special massage (Honey Massage) - we offer you a large number of different massages. 

Classic partial massage

The massage has a relaxing effect, unblocks and promotes your blood circulation

25 Minutes for € 30,00

Classic whole body massage with head

Stimulates skin funktions and the metabolism, promotes the blood and lymphatic systems, increases the elasticity of the tendons and ligaments. You get spoiled from top to toe!

50 Minutes for € 50,00

Classic whole body Sports Massage for back and legs

After sports this is the optimum massage to relax!

50 Minutes for € 50,00

Special Massages

Footreflex Zone Massage

During a foot reflex zone massage, the reflex zones on the sole of the foot and on the back of the foot are massaged. 

25 Minutes for € 32,00

Combination Massage Foot Reflex Zones and Back

The foot reflex zones stimulated blood circulation in the whole body. Then tension in the back is released

50 Minutes for € 52,00

Relax Massage with essential oils

Choose your favourite aroma and enjoy full relaxation, a fragrant range of oils is waiting for you. 

Relax-Massage small, 25 Minutes for € 32,00
Relax-Massage large, 50 Minutes for € 52,00


This Massage combines different types of massages for every guest personally

50 Minutes for € 52,00

Special Massage for the head with neck

The head massage triggers on the energy points in the head, neck and shoulder area and promotes concentration. 

25 Minutes for € 32,00

Relaxing Face Massage with ampoule

A relaxing face massage is a rare treatment but all the more effective and makes you feel goof all over. The beneficial apoule takes care of your skin

30 Minutes for € 32,00

Moor Back Combination

The muscular system is relaxed by applying the warm moor cushion. The massage then releases muscle tension. 

50 Minutes for € 50,00


Stiff neck? Headache?  Too many hours in front of a computer? Find relief by having this special massage for stiff head and neck areas. If you recieve this treatment you will aslo be able to enjoy a warming moor pillow which will get your circulation going.

50 Minutes for € 52,00

Classic partial massage

The massage has a relaxing effect, unblocks and promotes your blood circulation

25 Minutes for € 30,00

Honey Massage

Your back will be spoiled with genuine Carnica bee-honey. An intense masage will remove toxins from your body. 

25 Minutes € 32,00

"Spatzen" - Massage

"Spatzen" is what we Austrians call sore muscles, the kind that mountain climbers and skiers are plauged by. Marmot oil will relax and loosen your aching muscles and will aslo loosen you up and get your blood flowing, so that you can continue to be as active as you would like to. 

Spatzen Massage short 25 Min. for € 32,-
Spatzen Massage long 50 Min. for € 52,-